Innova 5210: Display Functions


To guide you with understanding the definitions of the display screen's functions when you first scan for your Check Engine Light while using the Innova 5210.

Note: This is the primary display for your Powertrain Control Module that influences your Check Engine Light on your dashboard. All scans other than for your Powertrain Control Module will omit to display your monitor status or Freeze Frame Data.

Innova 5210 Display Functions

1. I/M MONITOR STATUS - Identifies the I/M Monitor status area.

2. Monitor Icons - These icons indicate which Monitors are supported by the vehicle under test, and whether or not the associated Monitor ran its diagnostic testing (Monitor status). A solid green icon indicates that the associated Monitor completed its diagnostic testing. A flashing red icon indicates that the vehicle supports the associated Monitor, but the Monitor has not yet run its diagnostic testing.

3. Vehicle Icon – When visible, it indicates that the Scan Tool is successfully powered through the vehicle’s DLC connector.

4. Link Icon - When visible, indicates that the Scan Tool is currently communicating with the vehicle’s computer. 

5.  Computer Icon - When visible, indicates the Scan Tool is successfully linked to a personal computer.

6. DTC Display Area - Displays the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) number. Each fault is assigned a code number that is specific to that fault. The DTC number is color-coded as follows:

  • RED - Indicates that the currently displayed DTC is a stored or permanent DTC.
  • YELLOW - Indicates that the currently displayed DTC is a pending. 
  • GREEN - In cases where no codes are retrieved, a No DTCs are presently stored in the vehicle’s computer message will show in green.

7. Code Number Sequence - The Scan Tool assigns a sequence number to each DTC present in the computer’s memory, starting with 1. This number indicates which code is currently displayed. Code number 1 is always the highest priority code for which Freeze Frame data has been stored. If 1 is a Pending code, there may or may not be Freeze Frame data stored in memory.

8. Code Enumerator - Indicates the total number of codes retrieved from the vehicle’s computer.

9. Test Data Display Area - Displays DTC definitions, Freeze Frame data, and other pertinent test information messages.

10. SYSTEM icon - This icon indicates which system your DTC codes are associated with. This icon will change depending on the type of scan you retrieve codes for. The icons that will show are the following:

  • MIL Icon
  • ABS Icon

11. Freeze Frame icon - This icon indicates that there is Freeze Frame data from Priority Code (Code #1) stored in the vehicle’s computer memory.

12. Code type - This icon indicates the type of code being displayed which is either Stored, Pending, or Permanent.

13. Severity - This icon indicates the level of severity for the priority code (code number 1), as follows:

  • 1 - Service should be scheduled and repairs made when convenient. This DTC typically has no immediate threat to essential system components in the short term.
  • 2 - Repair immediately if drivability issues are present and if there is a threat to essential system components if not repaired as soon as possible.
  • 3 - Stop and repair the vehicle immediately to prevent interrelated failures that are potentially harmful and damaging to essential system components.

14. Bluetooth icon – This icon indicates the communication status with a compatible Innova mobile application. A solid blue icon indicates an active Bluetooth connection has been established.

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