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Innova 5210: Viewing the Firmware Version


To guide you on navigating to the Firmware, Bootloader, and Database versions of your Innova 5210 device

Note: The screen displaying your tool's Firmware, Bootloader, and Database versions will show when you first plug in your device to your vehicle.

Step 1 - Press the MENU button.

To navigate to your Firmware Version, press the MENU button.

Step 2 - Press DOWN ▼ to scroll to your Firmware Version, then press ENTER ↵.

The Main Menu will display.

Scroll down the screen using the DOWN ▼ button to find your Firmware Version.

When the Firmware Version has been selected, press ENTER ↵.

Step 3 - View your Firmware Version.

The Firmware Version screen will display which shows your scan tool's current firmware version, bootloader version, and database version.

Press the MENU button to return to the Main Menu.

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