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Innova 5210: Retrieving your Vehicle ID Information


To guide you on how to retrieve your Vehicle ID Information while using the Innova 5210.

Retrieving Vehicle ID Information

Note: The Vehicle ID function is applicable to vehicle models after the year 2000 and newer

OBD2-compliant vehicles. 

The Scan Tool can retrieve a list of information (provided by the vehicle manufacturer), unique to the vehicle under test, from the vehicle's onboard computer. This information may include:

  • The vehicle's VIN number
  • The control module identification number
  • The vehicle's calibration ID. These IDs uniquely identify the software version(s) for the vehicle's control modules.
  • The Vehicle's Calibration Verification Number (CVNs) which is required by ODB2 regulations. CVNs are used to determine if emission-related calibrations for the vehicle under test have been changed. One or more CVNs may be returned by the vehicle's computer.

Step 1 - Press the MENU button.

To view your Vehicle ID Information, press the MENU button.

Step 2 - Select Vehicle Information, then press ENTER ↵.

The Main Menu will display.

Scroll down the screen using the DOWN ▼ button and select Vehicle Information.

When the Vehicle Information has been selected, press ENTER ↵.

Step 3 - Select Vehicle ID, then press ENTER ↵.

The Vehicle Information menu will display.

Select Vehicle ID, then press ENTER ↵.

Note: When you select the Vehicle ID function for the first time while connected to your vehicle, it may take several minutes to retrieve the information from your vehicle's computer.

Step 4 - When the retrieval process is completed, your vehicle ID information will display.

When the retrieval process is completed, the vehicle ID information will display.

After you have finished viewing the retrieved vehicle ID information, press the MENU button to return to the Main Menu,

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