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Innova 5210: The Tool Settings


To guide you on navigating to the Tool Settings while using the Innova 5210.

Tool Settings

The Scan Tool lets you make several adjustments and settings to configure the tool to your particular needs. The following functions can be performed:

  • Adjust Brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the display screen.
  • Audible Tone: Turns the Scan Tool’s audible tone ON and OFF. When turned ON, a tone sounds each time a button is pressed.
  • Footer Messages: Turns the navigational footers at the bottom of most display screens ON and OFF.
  • Hotkey Legends: Shows functional descriptions for the diagnostic tool’s hotkeys
  • Language Selection: Sets the display language for the Scan Tool to English, French, or Spanish.
  • Unit of Measurement: Sets the Unit of Measurement for the Scan Tool’s display to USA or metric.
  • QR RS2 App Settings: Sets the display of the QR RS2 app for the Enable or Disable when linking to the OBD2 Scan Tool.

Step 1 - Press the MENU button.

To navigate to your Tool Settings, press the MENU button.

Step 2 - Press DOWN ▼ to scroll to your Tool Settings, then press ENTER ↵.

The Main Menu will display.

Scroll down the screen using the DOWN ▼ button and find the Tool Settings.

When the Tool Settings is selected, press ENTER ↵.

Step 3 - View Tool Settings.

The Tool Settings menu will display showing your available options.

Select the option you wish to view, then press ENTER ↵

Step 4 - Press the MENU button to return to the Main Menu.

To return to the Main Menu from the Tool Settings Menu, press the MENU button.
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