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Innova 5210: Navigating to your System Scans


To guide you on navigating to the System Menu to conduct your vehicle scans while using the Innova 5210.


The System Menu provides the ability to retrieve Global OBD2 and DTCS for the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) for most vehicles. The types of enhanced data available will depend on the vehicle make.

Note: Depending on the vehicle under test, some features and functions may not be available.

Step 1 - While linked to your vehicle, press the System Status button.

While liked to your vehicle press the System Status button to navigate to your list of scan options.

Step 2 - Select the desired option, then press ENTER ↵ to view the selected information.

Press the UP ▲ or DOWN ▼ buttons to scroll through the available options.

The following options are available for you to test on your vehicle:

After selecting, press ENTER ↵.

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