RepairSolutions2: How much does my Vehicle cost to own?

Step 1 – Open the RepairSolutions2 App.

By default, opening the RS2 app will show the Home screen.

Step 2 – Select How much does your vehicle cost to own?

On your Home screen, select How much does your vehicle cost to own?, and you will be directed to the app’s built-in calculator.

Step 3 – Input your mileage data.

For more accurate results, the calculator will ask you to input the following data about your vehicle:

  • Miles per gallon
  • Cost per gallon
  • Annual Mileage

The Annual Insurance Cost data is already precomputed in the app. However, you may edit your annual insurance cost as well.

Step 4 – Select Recalculate.

After filling out the data, select Recalculate to receive your updated results.
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