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Innova 5210: The Main Menu


To guide you on the functions found under the Main Menu button while using the Innova 5210.

Main Menu

You can use the Scan Tool to perform additional diagnostic tests, view diagnostic and vehicle information stored in the vehicle's onboard computer, and configure the Scan Tool for your particular needs. These functions are accessed through the Main Menu.

Available Functions

The Main Menu has the following features:

  • System Tests – Displays a menu of system tests for the vehicle under test, which lets you perform OBD Monitor, EVAP, and I/M Monitor tests.
  • Vehicle Information – Displays the Vehicle Info menu, which lets you retrieve and view reference information for the vehicle under test.
  • Battery/Alternator Test – Performs a check of the vehicle’s battery and alternator system to ensure the system is operating within acceptable limits.
  • Drive Cycle Procedure – This lets you view drive cycle procedures for a selected vehicle monitor.
  • Service Reset – This lets you reset the Oil Maintenance Light. 
  • Firmware Version – Displays the Scan Tool’s firmware version.
  • Tool Library – Displays the Tool Library menu, which provides access to the OBD2 DTC library and to definitions for Monitor icons and LED indicators.
  • Tool Settings – Displays the Tool Settings menu, which lets you make adjustments and settings to configure the Scan Tool to your particular needs.
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