Innova 5210: How to perform an OBD Monitor Test


To guide you on how to perform the OBD Monitor Test while using the Innova 5210.

OBD Monitor Test

The OBD Monitor Test function retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems that are not continuously monitored. The tests available are determined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Note: The Scan Tool does not perform the OBD monitor test but retrieves results from the most recently performed tests from the onboard computer’s memory. You may retrieve OBD monitor test results for only one test at any given time.

Step 1 - Press the MENU button.

While linked to the vehicle, press the MENU button to access the Main Menu.

Step 2 - Select System Tests, then press ENTER ↵.

The Main Menu will display.

Select System Tests, then press ENTER ↵.

Step 3 - Select OBD Monitor Test, then press ENTER ↵.

Select OBD Monitor Test, then press ENTER ↵.

A One moment please message will display.

Select the desired test, then press ENTER ↵ to display the test results. 

If OBD monitors test data is not presently stored in the vehicle’s computer or is not supported by the vehicle under testing, an advisory message will display. Press M to return to the Main Menu. The display will show the following information:

  • Test ID number
  • Module ID number
  • Component ID number
  • Min or Max test limit (Only one test limit, either Min or Max, is shown for any given test)
  • Test Value and status

When you have finished viewing the retrieved test data, select Back on the Select Test screen, then press ENTER ↵ to return to the System Test menu, or press the MENU button to return to the Main Menu.

Note: Refer to the vehicle’s service repair manual for information related to non-continuous tests.

Note: The $ symbol does not mean that you have to pay a certain amount of money to conduct this test. We do not provide subscriptions to use our Innova products.

Note: Status is calculated by the Scan tool by comparing the Test Value against the displayed test limit (Either Min or Max). Status is shown as either Low, High or Ok.

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