RepairSolutions2: What if I have the App but I am missing a Dongle or Handheld?

What if I do not have a Dongle or handheld OBD2 device?

If you do not have an OBD2 dongle or handheld, you can still use the free RepairSolutions2 app.

These are the features you will still have access to:

  • TSBs & Recalls
  • Warranty
  • Upcoming maintenance
  • Predicted Repairs
  • Vehicle Cost to Own
  • Looking up Error Codes

However, with an OBD2 dongle or car scan tool handheld device, you will be able to access more features such as:

  • Reading & Erasing fault codes
  • Getting fixes for your check engine light
  • Viewing live data
  • Viewing TPMS
  • Viewing Oil Level
  • Viewing Oil Life
  • And more
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