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Innova 5210: Customizing Live Data (PIDs)

Customizing Live Data (PIDs)

You can customize the number of PIDs that you wish to display by placing the 5210 in Custom Live Data mode.

Step 1 - With the 5210 in Live Data mode, select Custom Live Data and press ENTER ↵.

With the 5210 in Live Data mode (see Viewing Live Data), select Custom Live Data, and press ENTER ↵.

If the scan tool fails to establish communication with the vehicle, a Communication Error message will display. In this case:

  • Ensure the vehicle is OBD2 compliant.
  • Verify the connection at the DLC, and verify the ignition is ON.
  • Turn the ignition OFF, wait 5 seconds, then back ON to reset the computer. 
  • Press the LINK button to continue.

If Live Data is not supported by the vehicle under test, an advisory message will display. Press the System Status button to return to the System Menu.

If Custom Live Data was not previously selected, the Custom Live Data menu will display. Proceed to step 2.

If Custom Live Data was previously configured, then Select PIDs to Use screen displays as shown in the image.

  • To use the existing custom Live Data selections, select Use existing PIDs, then press ENTER ↵. Proceed to step 4.
  • To configure new custom Live Data, tap Select new PIDs, then press ENTER ↵. The Custom Live Data menu will display.

Step 2 - Press UP ▲ and DOWN ▼ to scroll through the available PIDs.

Press UP ▲ and DOWN ▼ to scroll through the available PIDs.

When a PID you wish to display is highlighted, press ENTER ↵. A Checkmark shows to confirm your selection. Repeat until only the PIDs you want to display are selected.

To select all PIDs, press Select All PIDs.

To deselect a PID, highlight the PID, then press ENTER ↵. The checkmark will be removed.

Step 3 - When you are finished making your selection(s), press LD to continue.

Press the LD button to continue after making your selection(s).

Step 4 - The 5210 is now in Custom Live Data mode. Only the PIDs you selected are shown.

To change the current Custom Live Data selections, select Reselect PIDs, then press ENTER ↵ to return to the Custom Live Data menu. Repeat step 2.

Step 5 - Exit the Custom Live Data mode.

To exit the Custom Live Data mode, press the MENU button to go to the Main Menu.
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