RepairSolutions2: How to find the App's Support Page

Step 1 – Open the RS2 app and select the Menu list icon.

Open the RepairSolutions2 app and select the Menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Select the Support option.

Select the Support option. 

Step 3 – Select Get Help.

In the Support dropdown menu, you will find links for the following support features:

  • Get Help
  • Locate OBD2
  • Share Feedback

Select Get Help to see the pop-up information for our support availability and a button that is linked to a new page for email and chat tutorials.

Step 4 – Select Locate OBD2 Port.

When you select the Locate OBD2 Port, the two options will show:

  • Find by Year, Make, and Model
  • Find by VIN Scan

Select either of the two options to find your OBD2 DLC Port.

Step 5 – Select Share Your Feedback.

Select Share Your Feedback, and a pop-up information/option will show.

Note: If you click Continue, you will be on a page where you can write your feedback in a text box under the question What do you think of RepairSolutions2? You are given a maximum of 1,000 characters for your feedback. If you click Get Help, pop-up information will show up for our support availability and a button linked to a page for email, chat, and tutorials.

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