31603/31703, 5100, and 5160 Free European and Asian ABS/SRS functionality upgrade

31603/31703, 5100, and 5160 Free European and Asian ABS/SRS functionality upgrade

This update is actually done through our sister website. Please click HERE to get to the website.

This process has 3 parts:

1. Download and install the RS Pro software for your tool. Select your model in the dropdown box, then press submit. Click on the Windows tab below the Repairsolutions software to start downloading, then installation will follow. Click HERE to be directed to the software.

2. Connect the tool via USB data cable after installation to trigger the RS Pro login page, then create a free account, and once approved, you will be registered.

3. Go through the upgrade codes purchasing process FREE. Once directed to this page, click on the tab for your model tool, then click Upgrade. You'll notice the price is FREE. Click on Checkout, then enter your phone number and email address. You'll get the upgrade codes sent directly to your email. Please click HERE.

If you already have the RepairSolutions software installed, connect your tool via USB data cable to automatically get a login page. You can register for a free account at the bottom. Once your account has been registered, and you have the upgrade codes sent to your email, go to your hidden icons and right-click the RS icon. Enter the codes you received, and the upgrade will begin installing in your tool. Please click HERE for more detailed instructions.

Make sure you have your code reader is connected via a USB data cable and you're logged into your account. If the code reader isn’t connected via USB and you are not logged into your account, you will not have the option available to enter your upgrade codes.

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