Why won't my device establish communication with the airbag module?

Why won't my device establish communication with the airbag module?

(Also, referred to as: RCM - Restraint Control Module; DERM - Deployment Energy Reserve Module; SRS unit / SRSM module - supplemental restraint system)

Airbag Module 'No Communication' issues commonly fall into these problem areas:

Communication Pins at the plug - Inspect the communication pins where the harness plugs into the front of the module. Look for signs of corrosion or damage. Those pins sometimes can become bent, pushed back in, or even broken off.

The module is improperly grounded - A simple but overlooked problem. The module has to be completely bolted down / installed as designed.

The wiring or harness around the airbag control module shouldn't be severed or damaged   anywhere (not very common, but a possibility)

Finally - If all these common problem areas check out fine, then the final possibility to consider is that the airbag module is internally faulty or fried. Because the module is basically an electronic circuit board, this can be caused by a very wide range of reasons.

Note: On some vehicles, when you use a module that is not original to your car, no matter (new or used), you may have to marry it to your car using a scanner. 

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