Will the Original 3100 work on newer vehicles?


The original 3100 without a letter attached next to the last zero, is our first code scanner. The 3100 was released back in 1999, before U.S. manufacturers started using CAN (Controller Area Network) protocol. The Controller Area Network or CAN Protocol is a method of communication between electronic devices embedded in a vehicle, such as the engine-management systems, active suspension, central locking, air conditioning, and airbags for example. After 2003, most vehicles progressed into a CAN Protocol. This is the reason why this tool will not link to your vehicle. You may be able to link with some vehicles between 2003-2006, but nothing newer. Since CAN had not been created at the time, there is no way to upgrade the tool from Digital to CAN since the hardware needed to support CAN was not integrated into the 3100.

If located within the U.S., we have a trade-in program to send in the 3100 for a newer tool at a discounted price. There are many trade-in options available for the 3100. If you have any further questions or want to proceed with upgrading your 3100, please give our customer service line a call at 800-544-4124. We are open M-F 6am-6pm PST.

Click HERE for more information on our trade-in program.

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