INNOVA SDS43 SDS-Inspector Tablet Scan Tool Release Notes V22.0.99

Product Release Notes

Release Date: April 2023

Firmware Version: V22.00.99

Database Version: V22.00.50

Bootloader Version: V01.02.10

Recommended Use

This release is recommended for all affected products listed below. It is important to keep your diagnostic tool current for optimum performance and to take advantage of all added enhancements. Please reference your user’s manual on performing a firmware update on your diagnostic scan tool or code reader.

Affected Product(s)

  • INNOVA® SDS43 SDS-Inspector Tablet Scan Tool

New / Added Features & Functions

OBD2 Diagnostics

  • Reads and Clears OBD2 Codes, Code Priority, Code Severity Alert.
  • Emission/SMOG Check Readiness 3-LED.
  • Covers All 10 Modes OBD2.
  • Views OBD2 Live Data Stream, Graphing (Graph 4 values) and Record, Playback.
  • Trip Cycle for Completing SMOG/Emission Check.

Verified Fixes and Repair Tip for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

OEM Diagnostics

  • Reads OEM ECU Information, OEM Codes and Clears OEM System Codes of all systems.
  • Views Enhanced Data Stream (ECM, TCM, PCM, ABS, SRS), Graphing (graphs 4 values).
  • Active Test function for Engine Powertrain and Transmission.

Vehicle Inspection

  • Scan DTCs of all systems.
  • Check value of Transmission Fluid Temperature, Oil level, Oil Life Remaining, Brake pad life, TPMS/Tire Pressure, Tire Pressure Status, Vehicle Odometer.
  • Check status of ABS Dash Indicator light and Airbag Dash Indicator light.

Workshop Tools

  • 12 Service Reset Functions: Oil Maintenance Reset, Battery Reset (Procedure), Battery Initialization, Electronic Parking Brake Reset, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, TPMS Relearn (Procedure), TPMS Relearn (OBD), Throttle Body Relearn, ABS Bleeding, DPF Reset (Procedure), DPF Reset (OBD), Maintenance Reset, Transmission Reset, Transmission Fluid Change Reset, Battery/Alternator/Charging System Test.
  • Reads Hybrid Battery Cell Voltage, Battery Live Data and Alternator Live Data.

Works with the free RepairSolutionsPRO™ (RSPRO) App

  • Get Free PreScan and PostScan Reports for Diagnostic Reports, Customer Reports and Collision Reports.
  • Gain FREE ACCESS to Diagnostic Reports, Most Likely Component/System Cause for DTC(s), Repair Tip, Vehicle Inspection, Updates, and much more.

Product Support

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