Innova 1000: How to update odometer mileage automatically

Step 1 – Perform a scan on your vehicle.

Select the type of scan you want to perform.

Step 2 – Wait until the RS2 app reads the data from your vehicle.

The RS2 app will read the data from your vehicle, including the odometer.

Step 3 – Select Generate Report.

After your vehicle's odometer is read by the RS2 app, select Generate Report.

While generating the report, ensure your vehicle is turned to the ON position, and your smart device is close to your dongle.

Once the report is generated, a Done message will be shown on the screen.

Note: Your vehicle’s odometer mileage should automatically be recorded in the Odometer field.

Step 4 – Select Results to view the diagnostic report.

The Report Page will appear after the RS2 app is done generating the report. The report will show a number of engine codes found related to your check engine light. To access the codes list, select Results.
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