What is TPMS? How will an Innova scan tool help me?

What is TPMS?

TPMS, which stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is a module in vehicles that monitors the tire pressure. The purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system is to warn you that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions. The TPMS low tire pressure indicator is a yellow symbol that illuminates on the dashboard instrument panel in the shape of a tire cross-section with an exclamation point.

Sometimes, the TPMS system may need to be relearned.  A relearn refers to the process of electronically pairing new TPMS sensor(s) to the vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System. A TPMS relearn is always required when a new TPMS sensor(s) are installed. Without relearning, the sensor will not communicate with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Benefit examples:

  • Read & erase your vehicle's TPMS light easily with our professional scan tools.

Use Case:

  • You filled up your tire’s pressure based on the recommended PSI.
  • The TPMS light will still not clear from your dashboard.
  • You plug in your Innova scan tool.
  • You find out your vehicle has a faulty TPMS sensor.
  • You erase the TPMS dashboard light with your Innova scan tool after replacing the faulty TPMS sensor.
  • You just installed new TPMS sensors, but still need to relearn them so they communicate with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Innova tablets have the ability to perform a TPMS relearn.
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