What are vehicle routines? How can an Innova scan tool help me?

What are vehicle routines?

Also, known as a vehicle self-test. This function is to command a vehicle to run a multi-step self test on a specific function in the vehicle. This often requires the user to also do something to progress the test, such as depressing the brake pedal during ABS bleeds. Routines are like doing an ABS auto bleed, where along the process you need to step on the brake a few times. You are requesting the vehicle to run a process.

Benefit examples:

• Save time and money using your own Innova scan tool to perform routines.

• Perform the routines yourself without the need of a mechanic or technician.

• Brakes feel Spongy. Using an Innova scan tool can remove air bubbles in the brake lines through ABS brake bleeding.

• Read Transmission fluid temperature without using a dipstick.

Use Case:

• ABS Brake Bleed

• Transmission Fluid Level Check/Transmission Fluid Temperature.

• Battery/alternator test

• EV/HEV/PHEV Battery Health

• Tire Size Reset

• Window, Door, Roof

• Injector Coding

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