INNOVA SDS50 SDS-Tech Tablet Scan Tool Release Notes V22.07.05

Product Release Notes

Software Version: N/A

Firmware Version: V22.07.05

Database Version: V22.00.51

Bootloader Version: V22.04.03

Recommended Use

This release is recommended for all affected products listed below. It is important to keep your diagnostic tool current for optimum performance and to take advantage of all added enhancements. Please reference your user’s manual on performing a software/firmware update on your diagnostic scan tool or code reader.

Affected Product(s)

  • (0x02D7) SDS50

New / Added Features & Functions

Fixes / Updates

  • Update the firmware to fix the Gauge IC issue (the tool shows incorrect battery percentage).
  • Update the firmware to fix the tool randomly stuck in connecting Wi-Fi screen (can't get Fix for DTC).
  • Update the firmware to fix the tool showing blank in "Previous Vehicles" when scan too many times and the UI issue.
  • Update the firmware and bootloader to fix the LCD screen failure (the LCD with vertical stripes).

Product Support

Please visit us at for additional information.

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