5512 Tutorial Videos

Note: The 5512 is the exact same tool as the 5510. The only difference is the 5512 comes with the complete OBD1 adapter kit to read and clear check engine codes for most 1981-1995 Domestic and Asian vehicles. The 5510 and 5512 operate the same exact way. You can view the 5510 tutorial videos for guidance on using the same functions on the 5512.

Reading and erasing check engine codes

Reading and erasing ABS codes

Reading and erasing SRS codes

Reading TPMS codes

Reading OEM enhanced codes

All module/Module selection

ABS brake bleeding

Steering angle reset (SAS)

Electronic parking brake (EPB)

Brake pad life

Drive cycle procedures

Oil light reset

Oil level/Oil life status

Transmission fluid temperature

Live data

Battery/Alternator test, Hybrid/EV battery test

Battery Reset

System tests

Tool settings

Tool Library

Reading OBD1 vehicles


Installing OBD Tool Updater

Connecting to update

Update complete

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