What is OEM Enhanced Live Data? What Innova scan tool can monitor OEM Live Data?

What is OEM Enhanced Live Data?

The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. All this means is that the vehicle's components are from the original producer/manufacturer. For example, a new Ford F250 will have the original Ford equipment (OEM) when it's released from the factory line. OEM is often referred to as manufacturer specific. The opposite term used for this would be generic, standard, aftermarket, or sometimes even universal.

All automotive diagnostics are founded on the input/output principle. All inputs must produce outputs. This means automotive diagnostics is less about finding out what is wrong with a vehicle, but more about figuring out which inputs are not producing the desired outputs.

Data inputs and outputs are only accessible with OEM scan tools, such as the Innova 5610, but as far as drivability issues go, you don't need OEM scan tools to paint the picture. Since all the information you need is available on generic scan tools, you can diagnose most drivability issues even on brand new vehicles.

The Innova 5610 is an aftermarket tool but can provide OEM level capabilities for all makes of vehicles, depending on the year, model, and engine size.

Innova 5610 OEM Enhanced Live Data.

Using the Innova 5610 to display OEM Enhanced Live Data.

Note: When looking at the different parameter identifications (PIDs) in OEM enhanced live data, allow the 5610 a few seconds to load the data as you scroll through.

Benefit example:

  • The OEM Enhanced Live Data includes Powertrain, Transmission, ABS, SRS, and TPMS.
  • Don't have to pay dealership prices for a scan tool with some dealership-level features.
  • Can be done in your own garage, driveway, or parking lot.
  • An Innova 5610 can display OEM Enhanced Live data for vehicles that are supported. We have tablets that can do this as well.

Use Case:

  • You want to look at misfire count data for each cylinder.
  • You want to look at your engine oil pressure sensor.
  • You need to check the RPMs on the Crankshaft Position Sensor.
  • You want to view each of your wheel speed sensors while driving.
  • You want to monitor your transmission fluid temperature while driving.
  • You need to view your tire pressure status while driving.
  • Check out airbag and seatbelt status.
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