RepairSolutions2: English & Spanish Options

A New Language Option:

The RS2 App always used English as the only language option available. When the new update was released at the end of 2023 for the RS2 app, the update added Spanish as a second language option.

If you recently installed and set up the RS2 app, you'll get a prompt of what language you would like the RS2 app set in, English or Spanish. If you've had the RS2 app installed and set up before the update was released, this article will explain how to change the language from English to Spanish.

Video demonstration.

Step 1 – Open the RepairSolutions2 App & Pair with Device.

Once paired with device, you'll be on the RS2 Home screen.

Tap on Settings to proceed with changing the language.

The Settings page will display.

Step 2 – Scroll to Bottom of Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of Settings, then tap on the arrow next to English to change language.

Step 3 – Change Language from English to Spanish.

English will be highlighted since it's the language the RS2 app is already set to.

Select Spanish, then select Save to keep it as the RS2 app language.

Note: The same concept applies when changing language from Spanish to English. Select English, then Save to change from Spanish to English.

Step 4 – RS2 App Displayed in Spanish.

Once Save is selected, the RS2 app defaults back to the Settings display screen in Spanish.

Select Hogar (Home in Spanish), to return to the RS2 app Home Screen.

The RS2 App Home screen will now display in Spanish.
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