INNOVA SDS50 SDS-Tech Tablet Scan Tool Release Notes V23.00.09

Product Release Notes

Release Date: May 06, 2024

Firmware Version: V23.00.09

Database Version: V23.00.08

Bootloader Version: V23.00.01

Recommended Use

This release is recommended for all affected products listed below. It is important to keep your diagnostic tool current for optimum performance and to take advantage of all added enhancements. Please reference your user’s manual on performing a software/firmware update on your diagnostic scan tool or code reader.

Affected Product(s)

  • (0x02D7) SDS50

New / Added Features & Functions

Fixes / Updates

  • Fix bug reading Hybrid LD in NWS mode.
  • Fix bug failing to display TPMS results for Hyundai vehicles in the Vehicle Inspection function.
  • Fix bug failing to display Drive Cycle function for Mitsubishi and Toyota vehicles.
  • Fix bug with eMMC (fails to decode VIN or fails in the .nvm folder (random issue) when using the tool for a long time).
  • Fix bug where the tool's screen flashes at the HomeScreen after being idle for about 40 seconds.
  • Fix bug where the tool resets or clears all data when pressing the "Previous Vehicle" function.
  • Fix bugs for JLR vehicles (hybrid LD, Battery Live Data (12 Volt), Alternator Live Data, ECU Information).
  • Fix bug for Chrysler vehicles (the tool misses Key in Special Function).
  • Fix bug for Chrysler vehicles (tool shows "Not Support LiveData for Other System PROTOCOL_CAN_I_UDS 3-11").
  • Fix bug failing to decode VIN when 'RescanOBD2' -> unplug the DLC, then plug it back in.
  • Update UI for NWS (add classify/auto scan for Powertrain/Body/Chassis).
  • Update logic check & show new firmware available on the tool.
  • Update firmware for Y2023.
  • Update add "OBD2 Diagnostics" to NWS mode.
  • Update firmware to support submit/show fix and repair tips in 3 languages (English/Spanish/French).
  • Update firmware to support get fix and repair tips for OEM (ABS, SRS).
  • Change text from "MIL DTC" to "Confirmed/MIL DTC" and remove duplicate DTCs in the "Confirmed DTCs" area.
  • Update for new LED logic.
  • Update new UI for "I/M State."
  • Update submit the tool's information to the server
  • Update "Factory Reset" feature in Settings tab.
  • Update submit data via BLE mode.
  • Update change text "US" to "U.S Standard" in Settings tab.

Product Support

Please visit us at for additional information.

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