Innova 1000: Will the Innova 1000 work on my Vehicle?

Use the Innova Coverage Checker to check for Compatibility

The Innova 1000 works according to your vehicle's make and model. To know if Innova 1000 works on your specific year, make, and model vehicle, visit this link to Innova's Coverage Checker for more information.

Click HERE to be directed to the Innova 1000.

To find out if your vehicle is compatible with the Innova 1000, input in the Coverage Checker your vehicle's:

  • Year of Manufacture
  • Car Maker/manufacturer
  • Car model
  • Vehicle Identification Number

After selecting and completing the necessary vehicle data, select the Check Coverage button to access the following diagnostic functions that the Innova 1000 can do when scanning your vehicle.

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