RepairSolutions2: Discovering your Vehicle's Specifications & Engine Type

Step 1 - Open the RepairSolutions2 App.

By default, opening the app would show the Home screen. 

Step 2 - Select 'Settings.'

Select the Settings button in the bottom right to view your Vehicles.

Step 3 - Select your Vehicle.

Select your vehicle by selecting the arrow button to the right of the vehicle name.

Step 4 - Select View all Specifications.

Select View all specifications to view more of your vehicle specifications and Engine Type

Step 5 - View your Engine Type.

The RepairSolutions2 App will display all specifications associated with your vehicle including your:

  • Trim Level
  • Body Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Engine Type
  • Engine Manufacturer
  • Fuel Type
  • Drive Line Type
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Class
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