Multimeters: Battery and Fuse Replacement


To explain battery and fuse replacement


WARNING: When replacing the battery or the fuse, remove only the rear panel. Do not remove or disassemble the circuit board or the front panel, these items are not serviceable and if disassembled there is the possibility of loose metal parts shorting the circuit board and causing an electrocution danger to the user.

1. Turn the Digital Multimeter OFF and remove the test leads.

2. Remove the two screws on the back of the meter and separate the case.

3. Replace the fuse or batteries as necessary:

For battery replacement: Remove the batteries from the battery compartment and replace only with two AA (1-Ā½volt) alkaline batteries.

For fuse replacement: Remove the fuse from the fuse holder and replace with a 0.315A/250V - UL Listed Bussmann, GMA Type (Radio Shack GMA/270 series;#270-1046 ) fuse.

Note: Use a 0.315A/250V, 5x20mm type fuse ONLY -Bussmann, GMA Type (Radio Shack #270-1046 or similar). Using an incorrect fuse may result in serious injury and/or damage to the unit.

4. Reassemble the case and secure with the two screws.

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