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To inform you of the benefits of scanning your car using our RepairSolutions2 app.


RepairSolutions2® is a web-based service created to assist both Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Professional technicians in quickly and accurately diagnosing and repairing today’s vehicles. RepairSolutions2 allows you to view and save the diagnostic data retrieved from a vehicle’s onboard computer(s) using your Code Reader. At the core of RepairSolutions2 is an extensive knowledge database, developed by compiling and analyzing years' worth of 'real world' vehicle service data. RepairSolutions2 builds on manufacturer-recommended diagnostic and repair information by providing verified, vehicle-specific fixes supplied by ASE technicians across the country. RepairSolutions2 also provides access to an extensive knowledge database including:

  • Verified Fixes – Find the most likely fixes reported and verified by ASE Technicians for the retrieved DTCs.
  • Repair Instructions – View available repair instructions to properly perform the fix.
  • Video Tutorials – Watch repair video tutorials for valuable repair tips.
  • Technical Service Bulletins – Research known problems reported by vehicle manufacturers.
  • Safety Recalls – Research known safety concerns that apply to a vehicle.
  • Predicted Repairs - With millions of verified repair solutions, get a statistical probability of what repairs the vehicle may need within the next 12 months.
  • Upcoming Maintenance - View the vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance intervals. Plus, conveniently order the correct maintenance parts right from the app.

And much more. Please visit www.innova.com for additional information.

Hardware Requirements

  • Innova Scan Tool with Bluetooth/WiFi
  • Android or iOS Smart Devices

Accessing RepairSolutions2 App

Follow the procedures on the links below on how to set up your Innova 5610 with the RepairSolutions2 app:

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