Innova 5610: Adjusting your Device after Battery Installation


To guide you on the adjustment options to make after installing the batteries and turning on your Innova 5610 for the first time.

Adjustments After Battery Installation

The first time the Scan Tool is turned on, you must select the desired display language (English, French, or Spanish) and unit of measurement (Standard or Metric) as follows:

After installing AA batteries into your device, press and hold the POWER/LINK button to turn the Scan Tool 'On.'

The Select Language screen will display.

Select your desired display language, then press the SAVE button.

The Select Unit of Measurement screen will display.

Select your desired unit of measurement, then press the SAVE button.

After these initial language and unit of measurement sections are performed, these, as well as other settings, can be changed as desired in the Tool Settings menu.

The Firmware Version screen will then display, indicating your device's current Firmware, Boot Loader, and Database Versions.
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