RepairSolutions2: How to report an issue

Understanding the Process

When you encounter a problem products, we are here to help resolve it quickly. To effectively diagnose and fix the issue, it’s important for us to understand exactly how the tool is interacting with your vehicle. Here’s how you can help us do that:

  1. Use the App to Capture Data: If you’re having an issue, use the app to capture relevant data from your diagnostic session. This data is crucial because it shows us what went wrong and how the tool was working with your vehicle at that time.
  2. Send Us the Data: The information captured by the app allows our engineers to analyze the situation and pinpoint the problem. This step is essential for us to provide a quick and accurate solution.

We understand that encountering issues can be frustrating, but with your help in providing detailed information through the app, we can work efficiently to solve your problem. Thank you for your cooperation and for choosing our RS2 tool.

Reporting the issue

Please follow the below steps to capture the data using the app.

Step 1 – Open the RepairSolutions2 App.

By default, opening the RS2 app will show the 'Home' screen.

Step 2 – Select the 'Settings' menu.

Select the 'Settings' menu in the lower right corner of the RS2 app screen.

The 'Settings' menu will display.

Step 3 – Scroll down & select 'Data Capture.'

Scroll down to the bottom of the RS2 app and select 'Data Capture.'

Step 4 – Select 'Continue' to start the data capture process.

Once Data Capture has been selected, an informational screen will display.

Check off the box once you've verified that one or more of the options listed apply to your situation.

Press 'Continue' to start the data capture process.

You may also select 'Customer Support' to speak with a customer support representative.

Step 5 - Input your issue in the Text Box.

You will be prompted to write your issue in a text box. You are given a minimum of 50 characters and a maximum of 1,000 characters for your report.  

After you write down your issue, select 'Start Data Capture' to begin replicating the issue in the RS2 app.

Step 6 - Begin replicating your issue in the RepairSolutions2 App.

Once you select the 'Start Data Capture', a purple banner will appear at the bottom of your screen indicating that the app is recording your screen. You may now replicate your issue within the RS2 app.

After replicating the issue, select 'Done' on the right side of the purple banner.

Step 7 - Select 'Share Data' to send an issue report.

Afterward, select 'Share Data' to send your issue report to our customer service team, or 'Cancel' to not send the captured data.

Step 8 - Verify App Issue has been Reported.

A confirmation email will automatically be sent to your account's email address notifying you that we have received your issue report. Our customer service team will then review your issue and get back to you shortly.
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