Innova 5210: The System Tests Menu


To guide you on how to navigate to your System Tests Menu while using the Innova 5210.

Step 1 - Press the MENU button.

To navigate to your System Tests, press the MENU button.

Step 2 - Select System Tests, then press ENTER ↵.

The Main Menu will display.

Select System Tests, then press ENTER ↵.

Step 3 - View the System Tests menu.

The System Tests menu will display a list of features specific to your vehicle's make.

OBD Mode Test: Provides O2, Exhaust, catalyst, and misfire cylinder data.

EVAP Test: Initiates a test of the vehicle's EVAP system. Not an actual "Smoke Test".

I/M Monitor Test: Monitor status since DTCs were cleared & current drive cycle.

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