RepairSolutions2: How to Change your Vehicle Details

Step 1 - Open the RepairSolutions2 App.

By default, opening the RS2 app would show the Home screen. 

Step 2 - Select the Settings menu.

Select the Settings menu on the screen and you will find the My Vehicles section. 

Step 3 - Select a Vehicle you want to change.

You can replace your vehicle’s name (Year, Make, Model) with a nickname, or delete your registered vehicle, by selecting the link at the right side of each vehicle.

Step 4 - Select Add a Nickname.

You can give your vehicle a nickname for easy recall by selecting the Add a Nickname link and inputting your desired nickname. 

Step 5 - Select Delete Vehicle.

You can delete your saved vehicle by selecting Delete Vehicle.

Step 6 - Select Delete vehicle or Cancel.

A prompt message will show informing you that the action cannot be undone, and deleting the vehicle will remove all data associated with the vehicle from the App. If you agree, select Delete vehicle, or Cancel to exit.
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