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RepairSolutions2: Setup Handheld Tool with iPhone & iPad

Step 1 - Get the RS2 App.

On your iPhone or iPad, download the RS2 app. You can view the app's information online here: iPhone App Store Alternatively, you can:

  1. Open your App Store app on your mobile device.
  2. Search for RepairSolutions2.
  3. Select the download button to begin downloading the app.

Step 2 - Create an Account.

Once installed, open the App and select Create account.

Fill out your details, then read and check the box I agree to the EULA/Terms and Privacy Policy. After completing these steps, select Continue.

Step 3 - Proceed to the RS2 app.

Select Yes to begin connecting the RS2 app with your handheld tool.

Step 4 - Follow the instructions on the screen.

A Bluetooth connection is required for the RS2 app to work with your handheld tool.

You can select Go to settings to turn on your Bluetooth.

Note: Always make sure Bluetooth is turned on your smart device before you pair, and also while performing a scan with your OBD2 handheld tool.

Step 5 - Plug your handheld tool into your vehicle.

Plug your Handheld tool into your vehicle. If you're unsure where to plug your handheld tool into your vehicle, select the option Show me where at the bottom to find your OBD2 DLC Port. Also, you can check Innova's online OBD2 DLC Port Locator by clicking here.

The OBD2 Port Locator.

Turn your the ignition to the ON position.

Select the option Show me how for more details on how to turn the ignition on.

After following the instructions and checking all three boxes on the screen, select Continue.

Step 6 - Pairing to your handheld tool.

Wait for the RS2 app to search for your handheld tool. Select your model tool once it appears on the list.

Give your handheld tool a moment to pair with the RS2 app.

You'll get the prompt Success once paired to the RS2 app.

You'll get a prompt to enter where you purchased the handheld tool from the first time you successfully pair to the RS2 app.

Step 6 - Wait until the RS2 app reads the data from your vehicle.

The RS2 app will discover the vehicle by locating its VIN #.

Once the RS2 app discovers the VIN #, the data from your handheld tool will automatically transfer over, and create a diagnostic report.

Note: If the data does not automatically transfer, keep the app open and the tool plugged into your vehicle, then select Relink on your handheld.

Step 7 - Viewing your vehicle's diagnostic report.

The RS2 app will automatically pull up the vehicle's current mileage, then select Generate Report.

Wait for the RS2 app to finish.

You now have created a report which contains your vehicle's diagnostic data.

Select Results in the red banner to view your complete report.

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