RepairSolutions2: Bluetooth Pairing Troubleshooting Guide for iPhone


If you are having issues pairing your device with the RepairSolutions2 app with an Apple iPhone, this guide will assist you in resolving this issue.

IMPORTANT: If using a handheld device with a display screen, make sure its established communication with the vehicle 1st, before attempting to pair. If the device reads Error or Unable to establish communication, the device will not pair to the RS2 app to provide any fixed information.

Note: Our tools are designed in theory to establish communication with just the ignition in the ON position. If failing to establish communication with just the ignition in the ON position, it's OK to get the engine running 1st, then connect the tool 2nd. With some vehicles, our tools better establish communication with the engine running. On top of that, some of our models require the engine to be running in order to use certain features like Live Data or specific active tests, for example.

If your tool is not appearing in the pairing screen:

1.  Users are leaving the app and pairing it with their device in Bluetooth settings. Do not do this, stay in the app and pair it with your device in the app. Pairing outside the app in your Bluetooth settings makes it so the hardware is no longer discoverable by the app.  If you have already paired with the device on this screen, turn your Bluetooth off->on to disconnect them and return to the app's pairing screen.

2.  Trying to pair as soon as you are plugging the device into the vehicle.  The device needs time to get ready to pair after being plugged into the OBD2 port.  For handhelds please wait and let it finish pulling the first codes before trying to connect.  For the dongle please make sure it is seated properly into the port before following the connection steps.

3.  Make sure the devices are getting power from the vehicle. If using a dongle plug in the unit all the way until you see a solid green light come on.  If using the tool, the tool should turn on immediately and start scanning.  If the tool or dongle is plugged in properly and does not light up, it is possible that a fuse in your vehicle may have blown.  If the fuse is blown then the port is not providing power to the OBD2 (DLC) port and the tools will not work.  Please check the fuse and replace if needed and try again. 

4. Please make sure your vehicle is able to crank up and start. If you are not able to start your car, then the scan tool will not work as it cannot communicate with your car's computers.  Without access to your car's computer, the dongle cannot pull data from it to assist you with diagnosis.  In cases like this, it is recommended that you begin your diagnosis by looking at why your vehicle won't start.  The issue may be your batteries, connection cables, alternator, or an issue with the starter.

If you see Pairing Failed

  • Remove the tool from the port.
  • Turn the ignition to the ON position
  • Plug the tool back into the port
  • Try pairing again

Step by Step:

If you were not able to find your issue above and resolve it.  Please follow this step-by-step process to help ensure your pairing process goes smoothly:

1. Delete the app & reinstall it

2.Make sure that your cellular data and cell services are turned on

3.Tap Connect Scan tool, you may get a popup, please tap Ok, as this allows our BLE connection to work

  • For iPhone: RepairSol2 Would like to Use Bluetooth - Tap OK
  • For Android: Allow Location Services - Tap OK
    • Location services is required for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to work.  Our products use BLE to connect to the phone.
    • Innova does not access your location data.

4. 1 of 3: Turn Bluetooth ON

  • Turn your Bluetooth off & on
  • Turn off / disconnect other connected Bluetooth devices
  • Do not pair with your scan tool through your settings, see #1 above

5. 2 of 3: Plug the scan tool into your vehicle

  • If using a dongle, plug it in until the dongle lights up with a solid green light.  If is blinking, it is not seated all the way in the plug.  If it is plugged in and the light is off, it is possible that the dongle is not seated properly or your vehicle may have an issue providing power.  See #6 above.
  • If using a handheld, plugging it in will allow it to quickly boot up and start scanning OBD2 codes.  Allow it to finish scanning these codes first before proceeding to the next step.

6. 3 of 3: Start your vehicle

7. Tap on your tool when it appears in the app.

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