RepairSolutions2: Do I need an Internet Connection?

Diagnostic Functions 

When using RepairSolutions2 (RS2), some diagnostic functions require an internet connection (Mobile data or Wi-Fi) to perform accurate scan results. The following diagnostic functions that either need or do not need an internet connection are found below:

Diagnostic Functions that Don't Require Internet Connection:

  • Read and Clear/Delete Codes
  • Access Freeze Frame Data
  • Access and Monitor Live Data 
  • Monitor Check Engine Light Status

Diagnostic Functions that Require Internet Connections:

  • View Repair Reports
  • Input and Decode Vehicle Identification Number
  • View Maintenance Schedules
  • View Service Status
  • View Vehicle Recalls
  • View Service Bulletins
  • Share Reports
  • Updating or Downloading Firmware

The RS2 app can be used without any tool, but the available features will be limited. To fully utilize the full capabilities of the repair app, an appropriate OBD2 scan tool is necessary. Learn more about vehicle scan tools sold by Innova here.

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