RepairSolutions2: Emailing Check Engine Reports


How to run and email reports from the RepairSolutions2 app.

Step 1 - Select Check Engine.

After pairing to the RepairSolutions2 App, select the Check Engine scan.

The Check Engine option runs a monitor test for the Check Engine Light and creates a report detailing your engine's problems.

Step 2 - Wait until the app reads the data from your vehicle.

The RS2 app will read data from your vehicle, including the odometer.

Step 3 - Select Generate Report.

After your vehicle's odometer is read by the app, select Generate Report.

While generating the report for your Check Engine Light, ensure your vehicle is turned to the ON position, and your mobile phone is close to your device.

Once the report is generated, a Done message will be shown on the screen.

Note: Your vehicle’s odometer mileage should automatically be recorded in the odometer field.

Step 4 - Select Results and view Report for Check Engine Light.

Once you complete the check engine scan, you have already created a report which contains DTC codes related to all issues associated with your Check Engine Light.

Select Results in the red banner to view your report for your Check Engine Light.

Step 5 - Email or Text Your Vehicle Diagnostic Report

There is a new feature to send your vehicle diagnostic report via text, email or other options. All you need to do is click on the "Send" icon in the upper right corner of the RS2 app to open up your options.

Here is a sample report. This is the first of 2 pages in this vehicle diagnostic report. The 2nd page continues below.

Note: Depending on your visual preference, you can change your background settings to a darker tone to make the report stand out more.
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